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Pow Wow Headquarters

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This is your Pow wow 2016 headquarters we will have all the forms and information you want

The menu is at the top and holds all the navigation

See you at Pow wow!

New Medical Form Required

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Due to requests from our medical staff, we have introduced a new medical form for District events. Please download the form here. This is the ONLY medical form that will be accepted at Pow-Wow

Medical Form Changes

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We will be making a change for adults attending Pow-Wow this year, all adults must have a medical form that is notarized.  We understand the extra work involved but on advice from our Medical staff we felt this change was important. To make this change easier we will have a notary on hand at Pow-Wow on Friday and Saturday (no fees), however, in order to avoid lines we suggest you get your medical form completed prior to Pow-Wow.

This change only affects adults, under 18 attendees have always required a notarized medical form.


Camp/Coordination Sheet Released

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Here is the Campsite/Coordination score sheet for this year.  A copy will also be inside your Pow-wow event guide.

 Download Here

Entrance Way Guide

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Outposts should strive to have a campsite entrance that represents the Pow-Wow theme.  Entrances will be judged on: 

Entrances should have the following:

  • Outpost Number
  • Church
  • Location(ie Orlando,Florida)
Optional Information
  • Boys/Commanders Names
  • Division
  • Section
  • Anything else you can think of!
Great entrances are one of the best attributes of the Pow-wow event, do your best to represent your outpost and contribute to the great event enviroment it provides!

Medical Personnel Needed

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We are looking for MD’s, PA’s, RN’s, LPN’s, EMT-P, EMT-B, First Responders, or CPR/FA Instructors that would like to help out at Pow-wow with our medical services please contact
Mike Kern (fcfswdiv@yahoo.com).


Security Personnel Needed

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 We need people to work security. If your available please contact  Bob Alfonso to apply.  As always your Senior Commander must be consulted before applying.  Contact Information is below

Steve Baggett
Phone: (863) 899-8923
Email: pwsec@floridarangers.com


Special Needs at Pow-wow?

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Do you or a member of your group need special considerations due to physical limitations or other medical/physical needs? If so, please contact Ron Bennet, Pow-Wow special needs coordinator and he will be glad to help accomodate you in any way we can.

Ron Bennett
1229 Oak Valley Dr
Seffner, FL 33584

813-624-4459 cell

Bring your Youth Groups!

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This year we will be offering a separate service for our older ER boys. We want you to know that if you have a youth group that would like to come out and come either friday or saturday night, there is never a charge to come to the evening services.

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